Painting is Dead?!

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Painting is Dead?!


February 6 – March 28, 2015
RECEPTION: Friday, February 6, 5pm – 8pm

PUBLIC GALLERY TALK: Saturday, February 21, 2pm –3pm

116 N. Walnut
Champaign, IL 61820

Painting Is Dead?! is an exhibition that examines contemporary notions of painting. The premise and title of this exhibition is both a critique and question. Using the works of currently practicing artists as a lens, Painting Is Dead?! seeks to challenge historical—and even contemporary—understandings of painting as a medium and a practice. This exhibition demonstrates the ongoing innovations occurring in the field of painting, while also displaying works that expand the conceptual ideals associated with its processes. The works featured in Painting Is Dead?! are figurative, abstract, sculptural and even multi-media laden. Moreover, the compositions on view at Figure One also speak to the state of today’s social climate. Painting Is Dead?! explores the place of painting in our society as a vehicle that can illustrate the fusion of conceptual originality, nature, technology and more. Other works in this exhibition examine the identity politics of ethnicity, race and black masculinity, while also reflecting on the expansiveness of the tradition of painting by incorporating new techniques and perspectives. Overall, the works displayed in Painting Is Dead?! reveal that surely painting is not dead; that it is in fact alive, well and maybe even thriving.