JUSTICE! Alternative Voices and Progressive Themes in Comics

Christopher Reno March 04 – April 16, 2016 RECEPTION: Friday, March 04, 4pm – 7pm GALVIN FINE ARTS CENTER CATICH GALLERY 518 W Locus St. Davenport, IA 52803 We live in an era of ‪superhero‬ saturation. But who created these superheroes? And whom do they represent? While mainstream ‪comic books‬ actively experiment with alternative universes and progressive ideas, they are created for mass consumption and often shy away from true alternatives. The artists in this ‪‎survey‬ create comics and comic book imagery specifically for communities not often represented in mainstream comics. From the ‪‎Black Lives Matter‬ movement to the local voices of children facing incarceration or foster care, these artists ‪illustrate ‬stories about superheroes …

Just Art Biennial Conference

CO-ORGANIZED BY KEVIN HAMILTON AND TIM LOWLY Much art that concerns itself with justice exists in propositions. Such work proposes and enacts new ways of living in relation to one another – sometimes through familiar means and media, and other times in ways that are utterly disorienting. Experiencing such propositions can often create a place of discord among members of both art and justice-oriented communities. I’m lecturing and participating on a panel that will address justice and representation in art. This conference is sponsored by Christian in the Visual Arts. JUNE 13 – 15 Wheaton College 501 College Ave Wheaton, IL 60187