Creative Monday Magazine Interview

BY MILTON GEORGE A Q & A with Creative Monday Magazine. Read below or view original post. “Like the clay studies that classical sculptures were based on, I visualized an effort to reshape myself and propose the possibility of a new ideal, one positioned more as a work in progress than an achievable end.” I’M PATRICK EARL HAMMIE, AND THIS IS HOW I CREATE My name is Patrick Earl Hammie and I’m a visual artist who makes large-scale portrait and figural oil paintings. I draw from art history, visual culture, and personal experience to examine ideas related to cultural identity, masculinity, beauty, and …

Tenure at UIUC

I’m very humbled, honored, and inspired to have received the rank of Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign​. Thank you to my wife Jess​, and friends and colleagues, near and far, for all your support. The biggest thanks to my mom and late dad, Carolyn and Ervin “Earl” Jr.; this achievement is dedicated to you. As we usher the class of 2015 toward their future, I’m also full of excitement for the many new personal and professional experiences ahead!