From Motion to Stillness

CURATED BY SERGIO GOMEZ AND DIDI MENENDEZ From Motion to Stillness is an exhibition and a publication seeking to explore aspects of stillness, quietness, reflection, meditation, inner-peace, solitude, reflection and calmness as a human experience. Despite living in a fast-paced and rapidly changing world, From Motion to Stillness invites the viewer and the reader alike to pause for a moment and experience stillness as interpreted by some of today’s most exciting contemporary artists and poets. FEBRUARY 15 – MARCH 10 Reception: Friday, February 15, 7pm – 10pm Zhou B Art Center 1029 W. 35th Street Chicago, IL 60609 Purchase catalogue Catalogue produce by …

Meditations on Emancipation in the 21st Century

CURATED BY CYNTHIA HAWKINS   February 1, 2013 marked the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. This exhibition seeks to explore interrogations of the Emancipation Proclamation and it’s attending ramifications as a physical, intellectual and/or spiritual state or condition, to elucidate personal and public thoughts and positions on the Emancipation Proclamation. FEBRUARY 1 – MARCH 9 Lederer Gallery State University of New York 1 College Circle/Brodie Fine Arts Geneseo, NY 14454

Narrative Layers

Artbook Guy, Michael K. Corbin and I sit down for an interview. He also names me a Super Hot Artist for 2013! Read below or view original post. AS AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN MAN LIVING AND WORKING IN THE U.S. RIGHT NOW, I CAN’T HELP BUT BE AFFECTED BY NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL CONVERSATIONS AND ACTIONS, ESPECIALLY ISSUES AROUND RACE AND GENDER. PATRICK EARL HAMMIE: NARRATIVE LAYERS Patrick Earl Hammie is an Illinois-based artist and art professor.  His work is absolutely stunning and poignant. What I love most about it is the fact that his work comes from a specific place inside of him, but …

Face, Figure, Identity

BY DAVID DOWNS This book is a survey of twenty-two contemporary artists who paint humanity in a new light. Their work validates the human being as a continually worthy subject for artistic study. All paintings presented in this publication were created within three years of the publishing date, establishing this book as one of the most up-to-date printed exhibitions of figurative painting. Available for the iPad and on Amazon.

Thursday Spotlight: Patrick Earl Hammie

BY CLARA LIEU Visual artist and professor Clara Lieu and I discuss my process, who are some influences and what advice I’d give to an artist who was seeking some. Read below or view original post.   WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I WAS AFRAID THAT I’D RUN OUT OF THINGS TO SAY, BUT IN REALITY THE PROBLEM BECAME NOT HAVING ENOUGH TIME TO FOLLOW EVERY IDEA.   CLARA: Tell us about your background. PATRICK: I was born in New Haven, Connecticut. I grew up in Connecticut and South Carolina. I received my BA from South Carolina’s Coker College and MFA from …