Face, Figure, Identity

BY DAVID DOWNS This book is a survey of twenty-two contemporary artists who paint humanity in a new light. Their work validates the human being as a continually worthy subject for artistic study. All paintings presented in this publication were created within three years of the publishing date, establishing this book as one of the most up-to-date printed exhibitions of figurative painting. Available for the iPad and on Amazon.

Thursday Spotlight: Patrick Earl Hammie

BY CLARA LIEU Visual artist and professor Clara Lieu and I discuss my process, who are some influences and what advice I’d give to an artist who was seeking some. Read below or view original post.   WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I WAS AFRAID THAT I’D RUN OUT OF THINGS TO SAY, BUT IN REALITY THE PROBLEM BECAME NOT HAVING ENOUGH TIME TO FOLLOW EVERY IDEA.   CLARA: Tell us about your background. PATRICK: I was born in New Haven, Connecticut. I grew up in Connecticut and South Carolina. I received my BA from South Carolina’s Coker College and MFA from …